What refractive lens replacement involves

RLE (refractive lens exchange) or CLE (clear lens extraction), or refractive lens exchange, involves removing the patient’s own lens and replacing it with a technologically advanced artificial lens to correct the visual impairment. Refractive lens replacement surgery can also be performed on patients who have previously undergone laser vision correction.

Next steps in the treatment:

  • Administration of local anesthesia to the patient in the form of eye drops
  • making a small incision at the edge of the eye (this allows the natural lens to be dissolved and aspirated using a modern and very precise tool – a phacoemulsifier from the Swiss manufacturer OERTLI)
  • introduction of a new artificial lens that is optimally matched to the patient’s eye and the required visual acuity
  • protection of the operated eye with a special flap, allowing protection from external factors such as dirt and dust

Patients have a choice:

  • Multifocal lenses (trifocal, multifocal, EDOF) – allow very good visual acuity for distance, near (35-40 cm) and intermediate distance (60-90 cm)
  • Toric monofocal lenses – eliminate astigmatism, provide sharp vision for either distance or near vision
  • Toric multifocal lenses – eliminate astigmatism, provide sharp vision for distance, near and intermediate distances, so they give you the opportunity to be completely independent of corrective glasses.

NOTE: If a person who has trouble with presbyopia, nearsightedness or farsightedness undergoes refractive lens replacement surgery, the eye-threatening cataract will not appear at all. This is because the natural lens is replaced by an artificial one that is not susceptible to clouding.

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Dr. Victor Derhartunian

Dr Victor Derhartunian od 2012 roku z sukcesem prowadzi własną klinikę EyeLaser we Wiedniu (Austria), zaś od 2016 roku – Centrum Chirurgii Laserowej w Zurychu (Szwajcaria). Obie te placówki należą do wysoko ocenianych przez Pacjentów klinik w tej części Europy, a wszystko to dzięki umiejętnemu wykorzystaniu innowacyjnych technologii i zastosowaniu absolutnie wysokich standardów w pracy z Pacjentami.