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SwissLaser is a laser center recommended by the Schwind firm. We are experts in the range of laser vision correction with international experience. We use the newest, certified technology, which allows for a life free of glasses!

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Vision correction through utilizing the best laser methods, and in the case of higher diopters the application of modern implants of Phakic lenses.


Laser correction of astigmatism by using modern technology. This is a very precise method, which frees the patient from dependence upon glasses.

Presbyopia treatment

The correction of the natural effects of aging lenses after the age of 40 is done through the use of modern laser methods or surgically replaced lenses.


Professional treatment of farsightedness by an optical Swiss precision laser or methods of surgically replaced lenses.

Keratoconus treatment

Effective treatment for disease of the cornea, where a deformity may cause an intensification of the vision defect and a pronounced decline of sight.

Cataract treatment

Quicker and lasting treatment of cataracts. The removal of deformed lenses with the help of special vibrating equipment and the placement of the implant.
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Laser vision correction

Recover healthy vision (without glasses or contact lenses!), and thanks to the doctor, clearer vision and the ability to do that which you love the most. Get to know the modern methods of corrective laser surgery with the use of the advanced, precision Swiss laser. You will experience an immediate effect, quick recovery, and maximum safety.

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Keratoconus treatment

Keratoconus is a congenital or acquired corneal disease, which leads to impaired sight and a corneal implant. This condition can be removed thanks to the modern, effective, and safe method of cross-linking, which depends on the strengthening of the cornea with vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and UV radiation. In addition, combining cross-linking with the regulation of the cornea by utilizing topography of the cornea with the aid of the Schwind AMARIS 1050 RS laser results in greater quality and sharpness of vision.

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Presbyopia treatment

Get rid of problems of vision up close. The treatment of presbyopia, namely the necessity of using reading glasses, makes it possible. Put yourself in the hands of our experts, who will treat your vision using a modern laser method or a method from a range of advanced surgical lenses. Treat presbyopia with the growing approach of monovision, PresbyMax technology or modern implants.

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Technology of SwissLaser

That which distinguishes our clinic is the application of modern and proven technologies. Our procedures use equipment, like the Leonard Da Vince LDV Z4 femtolaser produced by Ziemer and the excimer laser AMARIS 1050 RS 7D made by Schwind. These are the leading providers of advanced and effective technology which are effective, precise, and safe. These are currently available for you in our clinic!

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Lens surgery

Replacement of refraction lenses is an effective way to treat cataracts, presbyopia, and also astigmatism. Removing older and poor functioning lenses and replacing them with special implants is a quick, safe, and reliable procedure. Twenty minutes is sufficient to regain perfect vision.
Phakic lenses help correct pronounced vision defects in Warsaw. We use EVO+ICL implants from the STAAR surgical firm. We have 25 years of experience and over a million placed implants around the world!

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We are a preferred center of the company SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions

Our SwissLaser clinic intensely works scientifically with the Schwind company. Dr. Victor Derhartuanian trains doctors from around the world in the field of laser vision correction by using highly advanced technology and devices like the SCHWIND brand eye-tech-solutions.

What does this mean for our patients? They can be certain that by choosing SwissLaser , they are deciding for high quality, integrity and precision in laser vision correction.

Dr. Victor Derhartunian M.D. (University of Vienna)

Leading surgeon for SwissLaser, Dr. Victor Derhartuanian, MD from Vienna Medical University, learned his expertise by studying under the laser surgery pioneer, Professor Dr. Thomas Kohnen (University of Clinical Ophthalmology in Frankfurt) and Professor Dr. Theo Seller (Institute IROC in Zurich), who performed the first laser vision correction surgery in history. Today, Dr. Derhartunian uses his priceless knowledge, to become one of the leading surgeons in Europe and is improving laser vision correction to the next level.

Dr. Derhartunian, specialist in ophthalmology and optometry, studied medicine at the University of Vienna. He earned his specialization at the reputable university clinic in Erlangen and Frankfurt am Main and in Great Britain. After 2009, Dr. Derhartunian mainly worked in Switzerland, among other places in the Institute IROC with Dr. Theo Seller, pioneer and leading expert in refraction surgery.

Dr. Derhartunian can consult with patients in five different languages: Polish, German, English, French, and Russian. This assures accurate communication during the consultation and the discussion of the whole operation procedure, and also in the case of international procedures.

  • professional vision correction
  • 100% Swiss quality and Austrian reliability
  • 10-year guarantee of good vision.

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What distinguishes SwissLaser?

Consultations and procedures performed at SwissLaser are conducted by leading ophthalmology surgeons by using advanced technology. Throughout the entire treatment, we guarantee 365-degree care.

  • International experience and Swiss precision.
  • The most modern technology and innovative equipment.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in the fields of ophthalmology, medicine and surgery.

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Get to know the technology, which is utilized by SwissLaser

One of our foundational principles is incessant work for the improvement of modern technology and continuing improvement of equipment, which we use. Why?

Because thanks to this, the operation is not only less complicated for us, but also more comfortable for patients.

In our practice of laser vision correction SwissLaser, we strive in our refraction and intraocular surgeries to use with precision only the highest quality and modern equipment on the market.

Femtosecond laser

At SwissLaser, we use the Swiss Leonardo Da Vinci LDV Z4 femtolaser produced by Ziemer, a modern device utilized in the Femto-LASIK method.

Excimer laser (ultraviolet)

Schwind AMARIS 1050 RS is an ophthalmological laser from the premium group of excimer lasers for refraction surgery. It possesses the uniquely rapid system for tracking the eye with the 7D camera, which monitors eye movement in real time.

Cross-linking device

In surgeries related to corneal diseases, we use the IROC UV-X 2000 machine, which was created by the inventors of the cross-linking method.