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Usage of a laser for vision correction using the proven and safe Femtolasik method. In the SwissLaser Clinic you will receive professional care from leading surgeons and specialists with this method, for whom the comprehensive and enduring health of your eyes is priority. Our experienced eye doctors use only the most effective laser methods for vision correction, which eliminate most deficiencies.

The FemtoLASIK method, also known as the All-Laser-LASIK is the latest step on the road of the modern development of LASIK methods. In the traditional way of laser LASIK treatment, an incision is made on the cornea by a scalpel (microkeratome), which carries with it a measure of risk. With the modern FemtoLASIK method, the cornea is incised with an ultra-precision femtosecond laser.


The course of surgery

The first phase of the procedure is the precise preparation for the entire scope of the operation. The patient’s face is cleaned with a special solution and his eyes receive anesthesia by eye drops. The patient’s eyelids are immobilized in a painless way. Throughout the entire operation, the patient gazes up at a blinking light.

With the help of the high-precision femtosecond laser, the surgeon cuts the cornea and begins to fashion the thin flap of .1 mm width, which is carefully pulled open. In the course of this step, the patient may feel some light pressure on the eye and for a moment see darkness. With the computer-controlled laser, the surgeon accesses the cornea and fashions it in a few seconds time, which causes zero discomfort to the patient. The surgeon controls the laser with the aid of a microscope.

The final step is to reclose the flap- which will naturally re-adhere to the cornea and will provide protection. In order to guard the eye against environmental factors, the doctor will place high oxygen permeable contact lenses.



First will be the disinfecting of the facial area. The patient will receive a local anesthesia in the form of eye drops. Eyelids will be immobilized for the duration of the procedure. Everything is pain free.

Incision by a femtosecond laser

Incision by a femtosecond laser

Thanks to the precision femtosecond laser, the surgeon can make the incision on the cornea, making the thin flap with a width of .1 mm. During this step, the patient may feel slight pressure on the eye and momentarily see darkness

Correction by a laser

Correction by a laser

The surgeon will use an excimer laser, in order to fashion the uncovered cornea in a few seconds. This step will not cause any discomfort for the patient. The surgeon controls the laser by using a microscope.

Closing of the flap

Closing of the flap

In the final stage, the flap is closed back in place. It is strengthened and becomes a protective barrier to the cornea. For the safety of the eye, the surgeon will place special contact lenses, which will be removed the following day. The patient will rejoice with good vision!

Important information

FemtoLASIK is one of the most precise and exact technologies for laser vision correction, which slowly is replacing the conventional method of LASIK. At SwissLaser we use only the most modern femtosecond laser available on the market.

We use the femtosecond laser which is far more exacting than a scalpel- forming in this way a thinner flap and affecting less tissue. Thanks to this, we have greater safety and a quicker healing process, which is particularly essential for serious vision defects.

Immediately after the operation, the patient will be able to tell that he sees clearly, however the eyes should be protected for the rest of the day. After the operation by the FemtoLasik method, the patient may feel some discomfort with a slight burning or prickly sensation. The regeneration of the cornea takes 2-3 days so the patient should be prepared for some patience.

Our specialty: individual approach to laser correction

The standard LASIK method and FemtoLASIK corrects only optical diopters. The human eye is unique in its kind like a finger print. The best result from laser vision correction may be achieved only taking into consideration the individual medical condition and personal needs of the patient.

For this reason, at SwissLaser each patient receives individual laser vision correction. In addition to correcting diopters, we correct individual aberrations of irregular corneas. This type of procedure corrects the quality of vision especially at night. That means improved vision with weak lighting, 3 dimensional and weak contrast. Accuracy of the correction is about .01 diopter, which is the standard correction with these methods.

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