Usage of a laser for vision correction using the proven and safe Femtolasik method. In the SwissLaser Clinic you will receive professional care from leading surgeons and specialists with this method, for whom the comprehensive and enduring health of your eyes is priority. Our experienced eye doctors use only the most effective laser methods for vision correction, which eliminate most deficiencies.

The FemtoLASIK method, also known as the All-Laser-LASIK is the latest step on the road of the modern development of LASIK methods. In the traditional way of laser LASIK treatment, an incision is made on the cornea by a scalpel (microkeratome), which carries with it a measure of risk. With the modern FemtoLASIK method, the cornea is incised with an ultra-precision femtosecond laser.


The FEMTO-LASIK method, also known as All-Laser-LASIK, is the next step in the development of modern LASIK. In traditional LASIK laser treatment, the cornea is cut with a scalpel (microkeratome), which carries certain risks. In the modern FEMTO-LASIK method, the cornea is opened with a high-precision femtosecond laser. The operation of the laser is computer-controlled, and the surgeon also has a microscope at his disposal, which guarantees maximum precision and selection of the diameter of the thickness of the separated corneal flap. The flap is raised on a “hinge” so that it can undergo corneal modeling with an excimer laser.

The corneal flap in FemtoLASIK is done more precisely than in LASIK, which translates into the entire architecture of the procedure. With the FemtoLASIK method, it’s easier to make a large flap, resulting in better quality of vision. Treatments performed with the femtosecond laser guarantee fewer complications, and if they do occur, they are easier to keep under control.

High precision FEMTO-LASIK

The high precision of the FEMTO-LASIK procedure means that people with severe visual impairment and a thin cornea and large pupil can also undergo it. It is understood, for correction by the FEMTO-LASIK method are eligible:

  • Myopia up to -10 diopters
  • Farsightedness up to +4 diopters
  • Astigmatism up to 6 diopters
  • presbyopia – individual qualification
  • higher order aberrations

NOTE: the FEMTO-LASIK method is also used when a very small visual defect needs to be corrected, such as when work, hobbies or sports require a falcon eye, it is possible to correct single diopters.