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Swiss Clinic Branch in Warsaw
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SwissLaser- Swiss technology and KNOW HOW in Poland

SwissLaser is one of the most modern laser eye clinics for sight correction in Warsaw and in Poland. Our history is inseparably linked to Dr. Victor Derhartunian- a Polish surgeon and outstanding specialist with rich experience and international recognition.

Dr. Victor Derhartunian has successfully led his own EyeLaser Clinic in Vienna (Austria) from 2012 and his Center for Laser Surgery in Zurich (Switzerland) from 2016. Both of these clinics are counted among the highest rated clinics among patients in this part of Europe, and this is all due to the skillful use of innovative technology and the absolute highest standard of patient care.

International experience, modern equipment, and the highest quality care is now available in Poland- in the SwissLaser Clinic in Warsaw!

The establishment of the SwissLaser Clinic signals the return of Dr. Victor Derhartuniana to his Polish roots- bringing along European knowledge, experience, quality, and famous Swiss precision to our country, so that every patient, who needs vision correction, receives the best in terms of technology, knowledge and care. Our continuous goal is to improve our knowledge in the field of refractive surgery, lens surgery and laser procedures, so that Polish patients can receive high-level treatment in this field.

We are proud to offer the most advanced laser surgery solutions in Poland!
SwissLaser Center offers the most modern surgical procedures at the highest technological and medical levels.Our goal is continued improvement of the quality of life for our patients and the provision of the highest care and treatment in every stage of life. We strive to fulfill the highest expectations related to quality, safety and specialized knowledge. We join German technology, Swiss precision, European know-how and Polish hospitality.

With us, you will see the world more clearly: SwissLaser is a modern practice for laser eye procedures, which up to now, as the EyeLaser Clinic, received high patient recognition among Austrians and Swiss. Our success is thanks to the care, maximum precision, safety, kindness with patients before, during, and after the operation.

In recent years in our clinics, we have performed over 15000 succesful operations. Experienced surgeons, qualified nurses, experienced opticians, and helpful personnel have combined for effective process of treatment. Beginning with the first consultation and throughout the post-operation visits and even after several years – the health and safety of our patients is our main focus.

Our goal is not to treat the greatest number of patients but, instead, to offer professional consultation and personalized treatment. Full of enthusiasm, we daily complete our work and rejoice that we can provide people with perfect sight and the comfort and freedom from glasses.

With patience, we comprehensively respond to repeated questions- understanding that the main concern is always our patients’ eyesight, and we want to be sure that they understand the methods and steps in the operation and to feel comfortable and safe. It does not matter whether the inquiry is 5 minutes or 5 years after the operation- we are always available to clarify and respond to any questions or lingering doubts. We encourage you to contact us. With us, you will be in good hands!

Where can you find our eye clinic?

Horizon Medical Center is located at Domaniewska Street 39A in Warsaw. We have free parking available for our customers. We invite you to contact us for a visit!