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At SwissLaser, one can be sure, that he is in the experienced hands of an international specialist in the industry. Positioned as a leader among surgical eye refraction centers in Austria and Switzerland, which has been proven, and extremely important for us is the guarantee not only of the happiness of our patients, but also the certainty that our service is on a renowned level among private Swiss clinics, especially on the newest and technologically advanced market. In the SwissLaser clinic, we care about you, and ceaselessly seek to deepen our knowledge in the field of ophthalmology and refraction surgery. The second pillar of our activity relates to innovative technology and original solutions. Thanks to this, we seek to insure a comfortable procedure and the best final effect of the treatment for our patients. With our daily work with patients, we strive toward what is best and tested in the market; lasers and diagnostics of the most recent generation, doctors with international experience, and adhering to European guidelines for refraction surgery with the highest standards.


Femtosecond laser

At SwissLaser, we use the Swiss Leonardo Da Vinci LDV Z4 Ziemer firm Femto laser, which is one of the leading Swiss femtosecond lasers. The femtosecond laser is a laser which emits infrared and is used for incisions on the cornea and creation of the corneal flap, which is pulled back and then folded back after the procedure.

Essential benefits of this laser are among other things: high frequency (Mhz), low energy impulse (nj),and a small area of the impulses. Thanks to the unique properties, it became possible to improve the quality and precision of the incision on the cornea. This modern technology has already been used in several million operations.

Excimer laser

The excimer laser (ultraviolet laser) can fashion the cornea in only a few seconds. We use a very precise and technologically advanced laser (high teach laser): Schwind AMARIS 1050 RS from the Schwind company which is an optical laser counted in the group of premium excimer lasers for refraction surgery. It consists of an amazingly quick seven-dimensional system of eye tracking with a 7D video camera, which during the laser procedure monitors eye movement without delay. Thanks to the Schwind AMARIS 1050 RS, it is equally possible for the Wavefront method, or a personalized procedure based on the individual make of the cornea (topo guided). Combining the worldwide leading excimer laser with the exceptional precision of the eye-tracking system leads to the optimal quality of vision correction.

Cross-linking device

In the case of keratoconus or other diseases or deteriorations of the cornea, the damaged hardened tissue (collagen fiber) is treated by the cross-linking method with the soaking of the cornea with special drops with vitamin B2 and riboflavin, and then is treated by ultraviolet radiation. SwissLaser Center possesses for this purpose original equipment for the radiation ultraviolet treatment- IROC UV-X 2000.

Thanks to close cooperation with professor Sieler from Zurich, who created the method Crosslinking, Dr. Derhatunian is very well known for his work with this technology and the individual methods of Crosslinking are applied to the needs of each eye and this precision is applied in the field of keratoconus.


SwissLaser is Schwind’s laser reference center. We are laser vision correction experts with international experience. We use modern, certified technologies that allow you to be free of glasses for good!

Our SwissLaser clinic has an intensive scientific collaboration with Schwind. Dr. Victor Derhartunian trains physicians around the world in laser vision correction using high-tech devices from SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions.

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The creation of SwissLaser is Dr. Victor Derhartunian’s return to his Polish roots – bringing European knowledge, experience, quality and the famous Swiss precision to our country, so that every patient who needs vision correction receives everything in terms of technology, knowledge and care.

Our current goal is to advance knowledge in the field of refractive surgery, lenticular and laser surgery, so that Polish patients can receive quality treatment in this area.

Dr. Victor Derhartunian has received the 2018 Patients’ Choice Award.

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