With a repetition rate of 1050 Hz and unique 7D eye tracking, the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS offers unparalleled speed, precision and safety in laser eye surgery. The ultra-thin 0.54mm laser spot further enhances precision and smooth corneal patterning. The rotating laser arm provides maximum convenience for the doctor and patient. The patented “Latency-Free” eye tracking system monitors eye position without time delay. Automatic adjustment of the intensity level guarantees a perfectly balanced ratio between the total number of laser pulses and the energy delivered.

Repetition rates of 1050 Hz: an extremely fast repetition rate (currently the highest repetition rate of all excimer lasers on the market!) and an extremely fast ablation rate of 1.3 seconds per diopter provide greater safety and patient comfort. The risk of corneal dehydration is minimized. The time the patient has to focus on the green light is also reduced.

7D Eyetracker: the 7D active eye tracking system provides an exceptional level of precision. It is connected to SCHWIND diagnostic systems and records all eye movements (static and dynamic) during the procedure, ensuring excellent results.

The AMARIS 1050RS can be used with all standard laser treatments, including SCHWIND’s non-contact SmartSurfACE, which provides faster healing and quicker vision recovery than traditional surface treatments.

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