Effectively treating high vision defects, if laser vision correction is impossible

If you have ever heard that the laser procedure is not possible in your case or you would like to pursue a reversible procedure to correct your vision defect, today you don’t have to give up on the possibility of life without glasses. The Evo Visian ICL lens is an implanted contact lens which is transparent, very biocompatible, and made from Collamer material, continually correcting the vision defect.

It can be used for the treatment of shortsightednessfarsightedness and astigmatism. The EVO Visian ICL lens is implanted around the world and is one of the most proven methods for vision correction for over 20 years. EVO Visian ICL lenses are invisible and undetectable, and is guaranteed for immediate vision correction, and increased quality of daily life.

This method has been available on the market for over 25 years. About a million such operations have been performed.

Benefits of EVO Visian ICL

  • Because of the reversible nature of the ICL implant, it has no influence on later eye treatments.
  • The lens does not cause dryness of the eye and assures additional protection from UV rays.
  • The range of treatments is from -.5 to -18 diopters for a nearsighted patient and from +.5 to +10 diopters for a farsighted patient. Astigmatism can be corrected up to 6 diopters.
  • Thanks to special material, you can achieve optimal visual effect, even with pronounced vision defects.
  • This method is also helpful for the eye with a thin cornea.
  • In the case of a very high content of collagen, the EVO Visian ICL lens is exceptionally good for tolerance and it can’t grow together with the eye.
  • Because of a high-water content and an optimal light coefficient refraction, the desired result may be obtained by a patient with pronounced vision defects.
  • A very high tolerance results from the usage of biocompatible material. This material is a patented product by STAAR Surgical and therefore is not available with any other lenses.
  • New generation EVO+ – more optics, fewer side effects.

Course of operation

In the first phase, the eye is anesthetized with eye drops, and then the surgeon prepares the lenses. For the purpose of protecting the cornea and lens of the injected eye, a protected gel (viscoelastic) is used. Through a small opening of about 3 mm on the edge of the cornea, the lens is implanted. Then it is carefully positioned, and in the final step is the application of the protective gel. Two hours after the procedure is the next check on the position of the lens.

Important information

Scope of application:

  • -.5 to -18 diopters for shortsightedness,
  • +.5 to +10 diopters for farsightedness,
  • up to 6 diopters for astigmatism.

The SwissLaser patient can enjoy the newest generation EVO+Visian ICL lens. In this case the risk is reduced regarding the so-called halo effect. During the initial examination we will decide, which method of treatment is best for the patient and which will lead to the best result.

Because of the perfect quality of imaging, we generally graft the EVO Visian ICL in the following cases:

  • a patient with a thin cornea,
  • in the case of chronic dry eye or an intolerance for contact lenses,
  • if the patient wants a reversible correction procedure,
  • in the case of an irregular cornea,
  • the patient with a pronounced vision defect.