Patients at the laser vision correction clinic in Warsaw especially value the high standards of the treatments, which result from the rich experience of our specialists, devoted for years in serving across Europe. Our patients also appreciate the comprehensive approach, which they experience, when agreeing to the offered treatments. Those, who decide to trust us with the health of their eyes, can be certain, that that they will receive access to the newest technology, professional knowledge and professional care.


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SwissLaser provides modern surgery, which is based upon German technology, Swiss precision, European standards, and Polish tradition. It is difficult to imagine a better place in which one can, without worries, find such advanced treatments. Our team cares about this, that our patient always feels that he is in good hands! His health, safety, and satisfaction hold the highest value for us, which is why we do everything in order to improve his quality of life.

The laser eye correction clinic, SwissLaser, is glad to receive recognition not only among patients but also has been acknowledged with success among professionals from the industry, which is proven by the many awards and honors. From the outset of the work of our ophthalmology clinic, we have set the priority of the highest quality of work, therefore we ceaselessly seek to grow in our ability and knowledge. Thanks to this we are always a step ahead of our competitors and can assure our patients of access to the newest treatment methods.

The biggest reward and motivation to continually improve the standards in our clinic are the opinions of our patients, in which they express their gratitude and share their impressions of our course of treatment at SwissLaser. We encourage you to read these recommendations on our website!

What do our Patients say about us?

I very warmly recommend this clinic- the doctor and the whole crew as well as the operation! The operation was a miracle☺ Immediately following the surgery, I was able to see better than through my contact lenses, only with slight tearing. On the second day I saw everything completely. I do not have any side effects. Dr. Derhartunian is very courteous, approachable, and professional. The same could be said for all of the workers- I was pleasantly surprised by the level of care. I felt that my personal comfort was important to them each time that I was there. The operation itself was performed by an amazing Swiss laser, so despite my slight fear prior to the surgery, I saw that I was “in good hands.” If anyone is hesitating whether to have this operation, decide “yes” and I RECOMMEND THIS CLINIC!
Ewa Maria K.
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The consultation with Dr. Victor Derhartunian before the planned vision correction was absolutely professional. The exam and very detailed interview, which provided the information and answers to my questions regarding the possible treatment, were very thorough. In addition, the Horizon clinic in Mokotow in Warsaw, where the visit occurred is furnished with modern equipment. I would really like to thank you all.
Joanna J.
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From the moment the operation ended, I couldn’t get over how great I could see without my glasses. The procedure (lasting 15 minutes) was completely pain free. During the consultation with Dr. Dehartunian, the patient will learn everything about his vision defect and how the laser correction will proceed in a professional, simple, and warm manner. Dr. Dehartunian bases upon the best German ophthalmological research, so that youth over 18 years of age with a stable defect, may receive the laser eye correction procedure. I recommend the SWISSLASER clinic with my whole heart!
Julia W.
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Dr. Derhartunian worked so that life became more beautiful☺ I recently had the laser corrective eye procedure, which was performed very professionally. I recommend it to all who wear glasses! I threw my glasses away and am enjoying my clear vision.
Anna K.
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Yesterday I had the laser eye correction procedure (Femtolasik) from Dr. Victor Derhartunian at SwissLaser clinic. During the exam, the doctor in a clear and professional manner clarified this method of vision correction. The procedure itself only lasted a few minutes and during the operation, the doctor clearly explained everything that he was doing. After today’s follow-up visit, everything is very good and I can function normally and even drive my car. I recommend them!
Marcin W.
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I am so glad that the clinic finally arrived to Warsaw! In October, 2018 I underwent laser vision correction with the FEMTO-LASIK method along with a corrective procedure for presbyopia in the Vienna clinic. Practically, I could already see about 2 hours after the procedure. I found the amazing equipment, which I sought- Schwind Amaris 1050 RS. Dr. Derhartunian used two lasers during the procedure. I am very pleased and successfully got rid of my glasses. Thank you and I gladly recommend your expertise. I will definitely visit you in Warsaw.
Joanna T.
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The consultation with Dr. Victor Derhartunian before the scheduled vision correction was absolutely professional. The exam and very detailed interview, through which I gathered information and answers to my questions whether I qualified for the for the procedure, were very extensive. Additionally, the Horizon clinic in Mokotow where the visit occurred is furnished with modern equipment. I am very thankful.
Joanna V.
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All opinions or suggestions by our patients are extremely important, because they help others to get to know the laser vision correction procedures and to hear the impressions of others, who experienced these procedures.

Was your visit at SwissLaser a success?

Are you pleased with the procedure that you had? We encourage you to share the experiences of your time in the SwissLaser clinic with other patients. Posted recommendations may encourage others that qualify for laser eye correction to find their way to the right clinic, where they will be surrounded by competent care and suitably qualified doctors. Help others to find the place, where they will in a safe and comfortable manner find relief for their disruptive vision defect.

Many years of experience, knowledge and the latest treatment methods allow us to gather a host of trusting and loyal patients. Get to know their stories and see what it is worth being treated in the SwissLaser clinic.

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