Products: Presbyopia

PresbyMax – laser correction of presbyopia

PresbyMAX (bi-aspheric multifocal corneal ablation) is the most individualized profile of laser vision correction for presbyopia with co-occurring visual defects (ranging from – 7.0 diopters to +3 diopters and up to 4.0 cylinders) or without these defects that we can currently offer a patient. PresbyMax is the least invasive method and results in the fewest possible complications.

13500 zł
  • Highest precision + most accurate corneal cuts
  • Warranty 10 years after treatment*
  • 2 checks within 1 month after the procedure, others according to the price list
  • You function the day after the procedure
  • Ziemer Z4 femtosecond laser, Z-LASIK profile with 3D
  • Schwind Amaris 1050 RS excimer laser using static cyclorotation (higher accuracy)
  • The most precise method of creating a corneal flap with femtosecond laser