Micro-lens laser correction

The microlens laser correction method is used only for patients with myopia from -0.5 to -10 diopters and astigmatism up to -5.0 diopters. Due to the minimally invasive nature of the correction, we use and recommend the FemtoLASIK 7D or TransPRK Smart SurFace and SmartSight methods to patients.

In our clinic we use a full range of modern laser vision correction methods: Femto-LASIK 7D -Z-LASIK-Z 3D, TransPRK Smart surFace and SmartSight, using a combination of lasers: femtosecond LDV Ziemer Z4, Schwind ATOS and Schwind Amaris 1050 RS excimer laser.

Advantages of micro-lens laser vision correction method

  • This is a free method – inside the intact cornea, a so-called “free” method is created. lenticula (a thin section of the lens in the cornea). A minimally invasive incision is then made for the approach. The intraocular lens can then be removed through this small opening.
  • The correction is performed exclusively with a femtosecond laser – the entire laser procedure (lens formation and incision) is done in one step, with the laser.
  • Microlens laser vision correction can be used for high myopia, up to -10 diopters.
  • No restrictions – after the procedure you can do all activities, rub your eyes, play sports, there is no danger of corneal flap displacement.