Ziemer Group specializes in surgical and diagnostic instruments used in ophthalmology. The Femto LDV Z is the latest modular platform with three pillars: lasers for corneal procedures, cataract surgery and presbyopia (presbyopia). Each of the modules/pillars – FEMTO LDV Z2, Z4 and Z6 – offers unique solutions.

With its innovative FEMTO LDV handling concept, the platform has already become a technology leader in the femtosecond laser segment. Other femtosecond lasers currently on the market are based on the same basic technology that has been used in femtosecond lasers since their introduction to ophthalmology several years ago.

The FEMTO LDV modular platform is based on Ziemer’s proprietary FEMTO LDV systems – a radically different technology they distinguish:

  • lowest pulse energy (nJ range)
  • highest pulse repetition rate (MHz)
  • shortest pulse width


The use of this ultra-modern technology guarantees:

  • minimal side effects
  • minimum mechanical loads
  • preparation of tissue without dissection


The prerequisites for maximum performance and precision of the unique ultra-modern FEMTO LDV Z modular platform are custom-made/customized integrated components such as:

  • High-quality microscope lenses; the optical system is an optomechatronic masterpiece, guaranteeing excellent sharpness and high-precision depth of cut, resulting in: very large numerical/numerical aperture, extremely short focal length and wavefront-optimized optics. This is all thanks to a handle with a very sophisticated design. Surgery with such a microscope means much less gas bubbles, the possibility of preserving tissue and avoiding swelling of the eye.
  • High/high density pulse raster; high-speed scanning system and tightly focused low-energy laser pulses superimpose on pulse raster. This results in a complete and seamless resection without interstitial spaces lacking the necessary dissection.

The high/density caster is a guarantee of no tissue bridges (interstitial spaces lacking the necessary dissection) – the flaps can be easily lifted – and minimal complications. An eye operated on with FEMTO LDV Z modular platform lasers does not experience OBL (opaque bubble layer) because these particular femtosecond laser systems have programs that create a pocket or decompression channel that facilitates gas escape during the raster passage and gas cannot continue to accumulate in the lobule (flap) stroma. It is also free of transient light sensitivity. There is also no risk of laser-induced lamellar keratitis.

The FEMTO LDV Z platform is a universal workstation that fits any excimer laser, which can be mounted in a very easy to maneuver articulated work arm. As a result, neither the patient nor the surgeon need to change their position during the procedure. The surgical intervention is one uninterrupted process – the patient does not have to wait for the surgeon to change the instrument and is thus less stressed. With LASIK, therefore, it is very comfortable for both the patient and the surgeon.

The FEMTO LDV Z platform is truly mobile. High mobility means high productivity. What does this mean in practice? The fact that the FEMTO LDV Z platforms can be moved freely between operating rooms where various ophthalmic procedures take place.

The FEMTO LDV Z is a compact device. It is perfect for small operating rooms and easy to transport. When planning to introduce the FEMTO LDV Z platform into your office, you do not need to look for additional space for it – it will also fit in a small room.


The main advantages of the FEMTO LDV Z mobile platform are:

  • A large high-definition (HD) flat remote monitor showing real-time images of the operated eye, which – along with the microscope’s top-quality lens – ensures that the surgeon has a perfect view of the surgical field
  • robust, stable, requiring no additional calibration workstation resistant to moisture, temperature and movement


FEMTO LDV Z2 – a big step forward in LASIK surgery

  • The best possible formation of the corneal flap (flap)
  • Natural curvature of the edges of the flake


FEMTO LDV Z4 – maximum potential of LASIK/Z-LASIK method

  • Truly individualized/customized corneal flap creation (flap)
  • Expanding the capabilities of the LASIK method – the ability to treatment of corneal cone and presbyopia with femtosecond laser


FEMTO LDV Z6 – FEMTO’s leading technology

  • The possibility of surgical intervention in the entire anterior segment of the eye
  • availability of all applications dedicated to the cornea
  • advanced system of multidimensional scanners
  • designed for OCT and
    cataract treatment


NOTE: The FEMTO LDV Z 6 POWER PLUS model is the most powerful laser source that allows you to make a pulse with the highest possible energy. This is a real breakthrough in femtosecond laser technology. This is a must-have for advanced corneal surgery procedures. Based on clinical experience including more than 1.5 million successfully performed Z-LASIK surgeries, it can be concluded that FEMTO LDV systems stand out for their extremely low complication rate and determine the excellent results of laser vision correction.



  • large corneal flaps
  • uniform, repeatable flake thickness
  • the ability to create very thin flakes (SBK)
  • fully computer-controlled suction


Z-LASIK gold standard – in this method, the flap resection is created in-plane (xy-plane) at the desired depth and in the appropriate size and position. It is possible to maintain the natural, smooth and self-closing curvature of the flap edges. Z-LASIK novelty – (Z-NEW) – the method introduces resection in three-dimensional mode. Each flake can be customized to the desired geometry. It is possible to create oval and round flaps and flap edges according to the surgeon’s wishes. Compared to other femtosecond lasers currently on the market, the FEMTO LDV platforms achieve better short- and long-term results: immediately after the treatment, after 15-30 minutes, after 1/ 2/4 hours and after 1 day and beyond.


Procedures performed using the FEMTO LDV platform are as safe as possible in patients with ultra-thin corneas. FEMTO LDV enables:

  • procedures tailored to individual patient conditions
  • Corneal transplantation in a sterile environment (OR)
  • lamellar keratoplasty
  • penetrating keratoplasty
  • Making incisions in the cornea in the course of presbyopia treatment – lens replacement