We have good news for you: 99% of patients, who contact us, are eligible for treatment. In our service, we seek to serve with excellence and for the good of the patient, therefore if the patient does not qualify for the surgical procedure, we always inform him of this and work to find another method of treatment.

We always seek to do everything within our power, to assure him of the best vision and highest quality of life.

There are no two eyes exactly the same. Our main goal then is how to diagnose the vision defect with precision. During the initial ophthalmology examination, we use only the most modern technology and the whole process is led by highly qualified personnel.


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There are various surgical methods for correction of eye defects. Unfortunately, not every patient can undergo the classic laser procedure- however, we offer you alternative methods, which also guarantee equally effective results. One of these is a lens implantation, which can also be used in the case of a pronounced vision defect or too thin or irregular of a cornea.

To undergo eye surgery:

  • be at least 18 years of age,
  • have a stable vision defect (i.e. for at least a year),
  • not suffer from any eye disease,
  • be in good health.

If the patient meets the above qualifications, in general he will qualify for the laser procedure. The final decision will be made during the consultation and initial exam- then we can also emphasize, which procedure will be optimal for the patient.

Depending on the specific vision defect, the following methods are recommended:

Laser vision correction for nearsightedness:

Laser vision correction for farsightedness:

Laser vision correction for astigmatism:

Laser vision correction for presbyopia: